Our Story

How It Started

From the moment I left the hospital after getting my Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter inserted, I was concerned about a number of things and taking care of my new extra part was right at the top of my list. How was I going to keep the catheter clean, secure and most of all comfortable?

My questions went unanswered, so I turned to the internet where I found the so called discrete and comfortable PD belts on the market. After spending quite a bit of money trying the different styles and versions of the belts I came to a conclusion, the belts were a better medieval torture device than they were a secure system for my catheter.

I found the belt to be sweaty, Itchy, poorly made, constantly shifting, hard to keep clean and constantly a distraction. The fact that they advertise the belt as being a “discrete” way to secure your catheter is only true if you are wearing a tent.



I Had to Find a Way

I realized that I already had a waistband in my under garments, my outer garments and bathing suits. The last thing I needed was another belt.  Then it came to me that if I came up with something that could attach to the clothing that I was already wearing and was comfortable in, it would be a big improvement.  Frankly I can now say it was life changing.

I designed the PD Pouch to secure to the waistband of your clothing.  Using specific magnets inserted in the flap of the pouch provided a passive system that holds the catheter in place firmly but is gently removed without stressing the PD Catheter entrance site. We manufactured the PD Pouch from very high quality, quick drying, material that is soft and small enough to hold the catheter, but when folded correctly will fall off the catheter on its own.  (See video on folding).

The PD Pouch is hypoallergenic, UV protected, easily hand washable and dries quickly. Staying active is an important part of a PD patients’ life.  Your PD pouch will allow you to discretely enjoy your favorite sports and activities.  Including diving in the pool! I hope you find The Original PD Pouch to be a positive lifestyle change for you.  If your Kidney disease journey includes the chance at a transplant, I hope this is the last pouch you have to buy.